This website has been developed with a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development and Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell. A plan is underway for Phase 2 of the website, whereby partner states can invest in the website and receive the benefits such as:

  • Each French and Indian War site has it's own dedicated page.
  • Administrative rights to add text and images and manage content, including additions to the Calendar.
  • Events in the calendar will also populate on the Homepage.
  • Contribute site-specific text to the Do You Know section on the Homepage.
  • A map of the state with all of the F&I W sites positioned, with a click-through to that site's own page.
  • Press releases and News can be added.
  • Historical trails with interactive map and dedicated pages can be added.

For details on partnering with French and Indian War 250, Inc. to promote your historical sites click here.

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