Fall Images Along Forbes Trail  7/24/2008
Fall Events Calendar: Pennsylvania's Forbes Trail EVENTS CALENDAR and highlight attractions--click here7/24/2008
Backgrounder: Travel Highlights along the Forbes Trail  7/23/2008
Guidebook Backgrounder: History, Great Outdoors, Family Fun along PA's Forbes Trail BACKGROUND ON NEW GUIDEBOOK--click here7/23/2008
Tour of Pennsylvania Cyclists Race Along Pennsylvania's Forbes Trail, June 24-29, 2008 Riders in the Tour of Pennsylvania international cycling race from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh June 24-29 will be peddling in the footsteps of young George Washington along Pennsylvania's Forbes Trail. This release highlights some of the fascinating connections between the trail and the race, and the opportunity for spectators and others to purchase the beautifully illustrated new guide to the trail Pennsylvania's Forbes Trail: Gateways and Getaways along the Legendary Route from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh.6/18/2008
Backgrounder: Travel on Pennsylvania's Forbes Trail  5/11/2008
Backgrounder: Biographies, Pennsylvania's Forbes Trail Staff  5/11/2008
Backgrounder: Key Dates of the 1758 Forbes Campaign  5/11/2008
Fact Sheet: Pennsylvania's Forbes Trail  5/11/2008
Release: Pennsylvania's Forbes Trail Available May 22 A new book reveals the history of the 1758 Forbes Expedition and opportunities for discovery along the Forbes Trail today as the 250th anniversary of this dramatic French and Indian War turning point is celebrated throughout 2008. 5/11/2008
Forbes Trail Website Launched: History, Great Outdoors, Young Washington features the dramatic tale of the 1758 Forbes Expedition and helps visitors access historic sites and state parks along the trail today. 2/11/2008
Embedded Journalist News Release 2006 A newly expanded Embedded Journalist program launched today, featuring new and exciting reports on the French and Indian War from a fictitious 18th Century reporter, Phineus Cobb.9/13/2006
Backgrounder: French and Indian War Embedded Journalist 2006 French and Indian War 250, Inc. is an organization formed to spearhead efforts at commemorating the 250th anniversary of the war. At the core of the program is a war-time correspondent, a contemporary of today's embedded journalist named Phineus Cobb. 9/12/2006
Biography: 18th Century Embedded Journalist Read more about Phineus Cobb, a special correspondent for the Pennsylvania Gazette.9/12/2006
Fall Foliage and Colonial History A Colorful Mix for Travelers Western Pennsylvania's French and Indian War Sites Shine During 250th Anniversary Commemoration. This autumn, visitors to western Pennsylvania can add an exciting historic twist to their enjoyment of some of the nation's most dazzling fall foliage.9/10/2006
Embedded Journalist News Release Beginning January 3, sign up for a series of field reports from Phineus Cobb, an 18th Century "embedded journalist". 12/30/2005
Embedded Journalist backgrounder French and Indian War 250, Inc. launches a new educational program featuring an embedded journalist sending electronic accounts of the war.12/30/2005
250th Anniversary Events Events Commemorate 250th Anniversary of General Braddock's Defeat7/9/2005
Background The Battle of the Monongahela - Braddock's Defeat7/9/2005
Upcoming PBS Series Major General Edward Braddock and the Young George Washington vividly portrayed in upcoming PBS series The War That Made America 7/9/2005
Rare GW Manuscript Two centuries after it was written , a document the public was never supposed to see reveals the personal thoughts of America's First President 7/1/2005
GW Remarks Background on George Washington's "Remarks" 7/1/2005
PHMC Commissioner Named PHMC Welcomes Laura Fisher as Commissioner 5/18/2005
GW Pistols George Washington's Two 18th Century Pistols unveiled at Fort Ligonier in Pennsylvania 4/24/2005
Fort Pitt's $4.5 million museum renovation and exhibit Fort Pitt Museum Opens New Permanent Exhibit Exploring the Strategic Importance of Pittsburgh's Point in American History 4/17/2005
GW Manuscript on Display Behind the Monument, A Man: A Look at George Washington's "Remarks " 4/17/2005
Governors Sign Document Governors link 250 year old French and Indian War history to state tourism at National Governors Association Winter Meeting 2/22/2005
250th Anniversary Launches National commemoration of 250th anniversary of the French and Indian War gets underway in Pittsburgh 4/15/2004