George Washington's Remarks


Physical Description

This extremely rare document in George Washington's own hand has been held in private collections until now. Called simply "Remarks," the manuscript recounts Washington's adventures as a young soldier during the French and Indian War. The manuscript was put on display to the public for the first time as the centerpiece of the exhibit George Washington Remembers: Reflections on the French and Indian War at the Fort Pitt Museum in April 2004, and is now housed permanently at Fort Ligonier Museum, Ligonier, Pennsylvania.

Specific History

In 1787, as George Washington was considering becoming the first U.S. president, he was moved to tell the story of his adventures in the French and Indian War as a young soldier in eleven pages of personal reminiscences. Long held from public view in private collections, the extremely rare "Remarks" manuscript has become part of the permanent collection of Fort Ligonier, a full-scale, on-site reconstruction of a British fort. The exhibition called George Washington Remembers: Reflections on the French & Indian War connects Washington's military apprenticeship in the French and Indian War to his role as commander of the Continental Army.


Fort Ligonier