Pickawillany (Piqua Historical Area)

Piqua, Ohio

The earliest known permanent settlement occurred at Pickawillany located north of Piqua. A band of the Miami Tribe or confederacy, led by La Demoiselle, (better known as Old Britain because he preferred trading with the British), and a group of east coast colonial traders established Pickawillany in 1747. The tribal tokens of the Miami Indians were Elk and the Crane. There were several branches of this confederation that occupied Western Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and a part of Michigan. One of these branch tribes, sometimes called Twigtwees, had their town three miles north of present day Piqua. This became such an important area that in 1749 the traders erected a trading post, or fort, which in a few years became the headquarters for about fifty traders. The French destroyed this fort, called Pickawillany, on June 21, 1752. Pre-scheduled tours can be arranged. Call Pickawillany office to schedule.

Piqua, Ohio

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Piqua Historical Area
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