Old Fort Ashby 1755

Fort Ashby, West Virginia

In 1755 Colonel George Washington directed that a chain of sixty-nine forts be built in the western region of Virginia. The forts were to provide safety for the settlers and secure supply lines to Fort Cumberland. Of all the forts that were built, only one remains, and that one only survives in part. The Barracks of Ashby's Fort are the remnants of this chain, and they are located in the village of Fort Ashby, Mineral County, West Virginia. Lieutenant John Bacon built the stockaded fort according to the sketch that Washington provided, a British design that included half diamond shaped bastions on four corners. Visitors can tour the barracks of Old Fort Ashby 1755 and a small museum.

Fort Ashby, West Virginia

Hours of Operation

Open upon request. Also open June 17, 2006 and October 21, 2006- Festival Days, 10:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.

Fort Ashby
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