Fort Duart (Dewart) and Forbes Road


Named for the Scottish Castle Duart, this nearly forgotten fortification is the last remaining redoubt fort on the Forbes Military Highway. During the Forbes Campaign to take Fort Duquesne and rout the French from the Greater Ohio Valley, this tiny fort was the first stop after British and colonial troops ascended the eastern face of the Allegheny Mountains. Fort Duart served as a supply depot and a place of rest and in defense of the Forbes Road and in particular defense of the Rohr’s Gap, a narrow pass up the otherwise impassable eastern face of the Alleghenies. Fort Duart is unique today as the only original fort left of this campaign and a fortification built of need and in haste. It is situated in an unspoiled area that is appears today as Forbes and his troops would have seen it. The site is located on private property - access is limited and by permission only. However, there is a one day per year event, encampment and tour organized to walk the original Military Forbes Road to the monument and original Fort Duart structure.

US 30 near Bedford County line

Hours of Operation

No public access. Remnants of the fort and the historical marker are located on private property. Once each year, permission is given for a limited tour and encampment.

Fort Duart and Forbes Road
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