Retrace French and Indian War history alongside 21st century geography – which spans rural enclaves, mountain valleys and even city streets. Enjoy charming places to stay and eat, abundant antique stores, and a wealth of other recreational and cultural activities as you step back into the history of the Pennsylvania frontier and walk in the footsteps of young George Washington, Ben Franklin, Daniel Boone, Pontiac, Horatio Gates, and Edward Braddock.

Pittsburgh and the beautiful Laurel Highlands countryside are rich in American colonial history. Close together in a region that forms a historic triangle, French and Indian War historic sites bring history to life for young and old alike. Each destination offers a unique experience and opens a window on a different part of a conflict that is an essential part of the story of the making of America.

We invite you to visit. Follow the links provided with each historic site for information on lodging, restaurants, shopping and other activities in the area.

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