There are French and Indian War historic sites and museums located in over twenty states and Canada. The list below highlights a few and will change each time you click the refresh button or re-visit this page. View the interactive map to see states represented.

Historical Sites

Old Fort Johnson

Fort Johnson was the 1749 home of Sir William Johnson. This fieldstone house was the site of numerous Indian conferences. Fort Johnson is located in Amsterdam, NY and is a National Historic Landm...

Fort Duart (Dewart) and Forbes Road

Named for the Scottish Castle Duart, this nearly forgotten fortification is the last remaining redoubt fort on the Forbes Military Highway. During the Forbes Campaign to take Fort Duquesne and rout...

Seaway Trail

The New York State Seaway Trail, one of "America's Byways," is a 518 mile scenic route paralleling Lake Erie, the Niagara River, Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. A well-marked alternative t...

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