There are French and Indian War historic sites and museums located in over twenty states and Canada. The list below highlights a few and will change each time you click the refresh button or re-visit this page. View the interactive map to see states represented.

Historical Sites


Cussewago was a summer camp for the Allegheny Seneca Indians, who came to hunt, fish and raise crops on the fertile island soil. George Washington had camped overnight on the bluff above the confl...

Québec City

Over the years, numerous battles between the French and English took place in Québec City, reflecting the political situation in Europe.

Jonathan Hager House

Jonathan Hager was a militia captain, and his house was a frontier stronghold. The house, called "Hagar's Fancy", was built in 1739 on 200 acres of land. It is now located at 110 Key Street in Ha...

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