There are French and Indian War historic sites and museums located in over twenty states and Canada. The list below highlights a few and will change each time you click the refresh button or re-visit this page. View the interactive map to see states represented.

Historical Sites

French Portage Road Historic District

French-Portage Road Historic District, located in Westfield, NY, preserves the memory of the French.

Daniel Boone Homestead

Built in 1734, this homestead is the birthplace of frontiersman Daniel Boone. The site interprets the lives of English and German settlers, just like the Boone family, who lived in eastern Berks C...

Jumonville Glen

Jumonville Glen, located in Mt. Summit, Pennsylvania, is the site where Ensign Coulon de Jumonville was killed in a skirmish in 1754 with Virginia troops led by Col. George Washington - believed t...

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